The Pancake Preorder Dates

Hi! The Pancake Preorder has officially wrapped up! In a matter of 12 days we got 121 orders at 128 items total. WOAH. I already have a good portion started, some even closed to finished, but as you can imagine I'll be working away for quite a while. To know when you will be receiving your order please head over to the handy dandy Preorder tab. Orders are sorted by number - you should have this from your order confirmation email. If you didn't get an email with this number please check your spam folder. I really wish I knew why emails sometimes go to your junk mail. Anyways - orders are shipping in batches of 20 a week. If you have an order with more than 1 item, don't worry about it getting pushed back as it's purely based on customer order number, not product number!

It's hard to put into words how grateful and (wonderfully!) overwhelmed I feel with the love and support on this preorder, and for CCS in general. Thank you so very much. I hope you are all having lovely days and I can't wait for you to start receiving your pancake boxes! 

Peace and love



Ps. keychains coming soon okbye!

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