New Website and New Collection!

Hello! I've been doing a lot of new things lately- one of which is writing a blog post. Some other new things include launching this all new website and launching the Pancake Collection. I even have a new Youtube video planned to break my year long hiatus from posting. What else is new... I tried a new restaurant the other day. That was new. And tasty. I had the "pinapple friend rice" which was delicious. But I don't think you're here to read about my escapades into the world of misspelled dishes, so let's talk about the new collection!! And I kinda promise I will cut back on the use of the word "new".

The Pancake Collection is the BIGGEST launch I've ever done at one time! While I've done preorders that were very large, I've never done a premade launch to this scale before. It's a bit nervewracking... selling 15 new items is scary, let alone over 60! However I'm incredibly excited and want to give a little breakdown into each piece. The Pancake box will be available with all these options: round or heart, classic or with blueberries, and full, mini and tiny size (Sorry, tiny sizes wont have a blueberry option). Theres also two mirrored pieces coming your way: the pancake compact and the pancake vanity! The pancake vanity is prob not prob -DEFINITELY one of my favorite pieces EVER. And last but not least, the giant mega supercalifragilicious(?) pancake is arriving as well!

And for the other new big thing, which you are on right now... I think you kinda get the jist and aren't needing a full tour from me. Look around, click all the buttons and experience your eyeballs bleeding from the sheer amount of teal. I like to make my favorite color other peoples' problem.

I'm writing this at the wee hour of 1:48am so I think I will wrap this up.Thanks for reading this, thanks for looking at my new website and most of all, I hope you have a nice day. Peace and love, Faith Charlotte

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