Q: How do I care for/clean my product?

A: Using a dry tissue to brush off cooled ash will help preserve your item. If ash stays on too long it will sometimes stain or damage the paint. I recommend removing ash as soon as its cooled. Do not store items in damp areas such as bathrooms or near sinks. Do not use soap or water on pieces.


Q: How do I safely burn incense?

A: Always supervise incense while it is burning and be sure to place the burner on a surface that won't be damaged if some excess ash falls on it. Do not place on or near a flammable surface. 


Q: How long do orders take to process?

A: Orders generally take 1-2 weeks to process. Items that are preorders will have longer processing times and will vary from item to item. For more info on a specific preorder ship out dates please check out said item's description.


Q. Can I request a custom order?

A. My customs are usually open 1-2 times per year and spots are somewhat limited. I will post on all social media platforms about when spots open. Please feel free to reach out about your idea at any point as it gives me a better understanding for how many slots to open in the future. Custom status is displayed in Instagram bio.