Q: How do I care for/clean my product?

A: On ceramic products, use soap and water to gently clean piece. Try to avoid any unglazed areas. Specific cleaning instructions may apply to products with special glazes or fragile pieces. Please refer to cleaning care card for more info.


Q: How do I safely burn incense?

A: Always supervise incense while it is burning and be sure to place the burner on a surface that won't be damaged if some excess ash falls on it. Do not place on or near a flammable surface. 


Q: How long do orders take to process?

A: Orders generally take 1-2 weeks to process. Items that are preorders will have longer processing times and will vary from item to item. For more info on a specific preorder ship out dates please check out said item's description or the Preorder Tab available on my website.


Q. Can I request a custom order?

A. My customs are usually open 1-2 times per year and spots are somewhat limited. I will post on all social media platforms about when spots open. Please feel free to reach out about your idea at any point as it gives me a better understanding for how many slots to open in the future. Custom status is displayed in Instagram bio.